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  Making a difference

We are focused on high-quality results and work with you to ensure that what we do really makes a tangible difference to your business. If we don’t believe we can bring something that adds significant value to what you are trying to achieve, then we won’t take the work on – it’s as simple as that.


We don’t believe in creating dependency in our clients. We always seek to share skills, knowledge and expertise. We want you to be able to operate without our support in the future, and therefore welcome the opportunity to work collaboratively with you on how best to achieve this.

  Effective, Professional and friendly

There is no conflict here – for us, we can deliver effective, professional but yet friendly business coaching. We are professional and articulate our ideas without the use of unnecessary jargon. We work hard, but we always have room for some humour. We know that business can often be done effectively both formally and informally as long as it is structured, and we know how to strike a healthy balance between the two.


We only do work that we think will really make a difference. We operate a completely transparent charging structure, and we do what we say we will. We share insights, learning and ideas freely with you, never recommend unnecessary work, and offer you the most cost-effective options that we can.

We pride ourselves on the quality and the results of our work with our clients!

  • We have a proven track record of helping our clients achieve success
  • We have 22 years of professional business experienceS
  • We are passionate about helping business entrepreneurs
  • We will give you clear and easy-to-follow action plans
  • We will keep you accountable so you achieve what you set out to do
  • We will stay in touch with you following our in-person or online meetings, ensuring you/your business remains on the right path.

My story:

I worked for 15 years in the corporate world in the areas of Property Management and Law, working five years for the world-renowned firm Lovells. This furnished me with the business acumen to set up my own Wellness company ‘AEM Health and Fitness’.I successfully ran my wellness business for over 8 years, while simultaneously delivering fitness and nutrition wellness sessions in my local community. This was as part of the local charity I had set up called ‘Foundation Wellbeing Trust’. I am also chairwoman of ‘The Gaia Network’ not-for-profit association for Women Entrepreneurs.I set up my consultancy business in memory of my late father Jacques Morin. I have decided, like him, to share my business knowledge and experience and dedicate it to the service and benefit of other professionals through my Consulting Business.

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